Elution Plant (Carbon Processing ) 24 Hours

Elution Plant (Carbon Processing ) 24 Hours
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Terms and conditions: Elution Plant (Carbon Processing ):
1- Tank unit rental prices, capacity of : 600,700,800 kg, high pressure for 24 hours, at a price of $ 1090 USD or the equivalent in shilling.
2- Carbon weight depends only by scale of the company attached to the complex, and it is implemented in the presence of the customer with the relationship and signature On that.
3- The results of analyzing the carbon content of gold ore are not considered 100% ؜ to be extracted, and they are real ... 4- The customer has the right to perform a carbon analysis after the extraction processing done , but in the laboratories recommended by the company, and he has the right to re-process with lower fees than fees It is considered (according to the agreement) if the remaining amount of raw gold in carbon is more than 200 g. Less than 150 g customer shall pay full rental payment.
5- Any extension of the agreed time due to an out-of-control cause such as power outages or other malfunctions that are not due to the customer, the customer does not bear the sums due, and the company does not bear compensation for a waste of time lost to the customer.
6- Reservations can be made through the website, the company's office, or by phone in advance.
7 - The company provides storage warehouses for those who have a reservation for 24 hours in advance and there is a housing for customers so that the security responsibility lies upon the customer as the company provides armed security guards and trained German Shepard dogs, but the customer’s materials are under his supervision throughout the processing period, and the company is not responsible for armed robbery .
8- Locking the warehouses that contain carbon, especially the customer, is provided with locks that the customer brings with him. The company does not have a copy of the keys for those locks. The electronic unit is also to be locked by the customer.
9- Preference is to bring the carbon to be processed on the day of seizure, and the carbon will placed directly inside the processing tanks.
10- Payment can be made in advance via the website or by depositing in the company's accounts in the bank. Likewise, payment can be made after the completion of the work done . The company has the right to reserve the customer’s materials until the deposit document is shown in the agreed amount.

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The Company was incorporated on February 2016 with the aim of developing Gold Mining projects, trading of Gold.

Apart from Gold processing, the Company also deals with buying and selling of valuable Precious stones, Coloured stones, Diamonds and export them to different countries on buyer’s interest.